k公司质量控制与管理研究,2007年本科毕业论文摘要:由于世界经济的发展,贸易竞争日趋激烈,顾客对产品和服务质量的要求和期望越来越高,尤其对于外贸企业来说,欧美国家对于产品质量的严格要求,加上随着设计、制造和安装过程变得越来越复杂,费用越来越高,资源消耗在增大,安全和环境 要求也越来越严格这就使人们日益认识到,不断提高产品和服务质量对于获得良好...
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摘要:由于世界经济的发展,贸易竞争日趋激烈,顾客对产品和服务质量的要求和期望越来越高,尤其对于外贸企业来说,欧美国家对于产品质量的严格要求,加上随着设计、制造和安装过程变得越来越复杂,费用越来越高,资源消耗在增大,安全和环境 要求也越来越严格这就使人们日益认识到,不断提高产品和服务质量对于获得良好的经济效益和社会效益是十分重要的。“以质量求生存”也越来越成为广大企业的战略方针。产品质量的好坏更是已经成为外贸企业生存与发展的决定性力量。本文在分析产品质量控制的重要性基础上,着重强调了如何加强K公司产品质量控制与管理的重要性和方法研究。

Abstract: As world economy develops, consumers tend to have higher demand and expect on quality of product and service. Especially for foreign trade enterprises, owning to western country’s serious demand on product, in addition to more complicated process, higher expense, increasing consumption of resources, and more serious demand on security and environment in the program of design, manufacture, and installation, people gradually realized that it is very important to improve the quality of product and service for gaining economic benefit and social benefit.“develop upon quality”has become to be the strategic guideline of more and more enterprises. And whether or not the quality of product is good, has been the determinant factor for the existence and development of foreign trade enterprises. This paper emphasized the research approach and importance of quality control and management for foreign trade enterprise on the basis of analyzing the importance of quality control.
Key Words:K Corporation; Quality Control;Management Research