asp毕业设计-弱电网络工程外包管理信息系统,编辑注:此篇论文完整无缺,格式完美,是您参考的好资料。摘 要弱电网络工程外包管理信息系统实施是一个涉及管理、人、技术等诸多因素的复杂系统工程,不仅涉及工程管理的各个方面,而且涉及工程管理组织的各部门以及工程设计、施工单位。在pms实施过程中的不同阶段、不同方面都面临着许多问题,如果没有有效的管理信息系统来保证,将达不到...
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The implementation of weak electricity network project outsourcing management information system is a complex systems engineering , which not only involving the various factors of management, people, technology s, but also involving the various aspects of project management and some project management organizations in the sector of the design and construction of projects. Many problems are faced in the implementation course of projects management system in the different stages and different aspects. The desired goals will be not reached in the absence of an effective management information system. The vast facts of failures of the domestic weak electricity network project outsourcing management information system fully show the difficulty of MIS system developing, and the application implement is more difficult. a set project management standard is established which can satisfy the need of the crucial handling of traffic and to have the unified, implement business processing and the data processing of integrity, standard and integrated, promote management standardization, and straightens out the relation of each management level interior and between each other. PMS is designed to meet the need of practice application, including system programming and analysis, system design, system implement and maintenance.
Key word: project management outsourcing; Management information system ;ASP(Active Server Page)